self-portrait double exposure2

Self-portrait double exposure 2

My name is Rebekah Melville and I’m an artist and illustrator.

I particularly enjoy drawing with pencils and fineliners, although I also love to paint in acrylic and oil paint. I am especially drawn to capturing people and their unique personalities.

I have found art to be incredibly therapeutic and a great way of expressing my ideas and feelings about mental health and mental illness.

If you’re on Facebook, I have a page there that shows current works in progress and interesting links I find while wandering around the internet. You can find it here.

Having completed a part-time A-Level in Fine Art in 2014 as a mature student, I started studying for a part-time BA degree in Fine Art in October 2015. Studying part-time allows me to focus on other art projects that I’m currently working on.

I live in Somerset (England) with my husband, two cats and dog. I love living in such a rural environment and being able to take long strolls in the countryside.

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