Site Specific Installation: Drawing

Site Specific Installation: Drawing
As part of documenting the site before finalising my site specific installation artwork, I have spent some time drawing the burn marks I found in the plastic panels at the bus shelters. Spending some time focusing in on the tiny details has helped to focus my ideas. The drawings shown here were made with coloured pencil on white cartridge paper.
Site Specific Drawings

A study of a burn mark that has melted the plastic panel and actually formed a hole

I found the following burn mark particularly interesting as the burning process had produced a range of colours that looked toxic (blue and green). While I was drawing these images, I was reminded of views of the Earth from space, with the blue being like the sea and the browns and greys like the land masses.
Site Specific Drawings

Toxic-looking burn mark where plastic panel has been melted using an unknown heat source

The drawing process gave my mind some meditative space to consider how I can best respond to my chosen site and create a relatable installation. Focussing this way enabled me to think more freely and I came up with the idea of creating my response to the site using pyrography, which links in effectively with the burning and scratching on the plastic panels.
To begin with, I experimented with the six nibs I have for my pyrography tool to explore the range of marks I could use to create my installation artwork.
Pyrography mark marking

Pyrography mark marking

Next I began to think about how I could use this to highlight the marks I found at the bus shelters. My current ideas focus on creating drawn frames using pyrography and then attaching these to the panels of the bus shelter to frame and highlight the marks other people have left. These marks provide a narrative and a visual representation of the act of ‘waiting’.
I also tested using the pyrography pen on some ice cream sticks, which I had cleaned and dried before marking.
Pyrography on ice cream sticks

Pyrography on ice cream sticks using marks documented at the site

– experiment with how the pyrography tool marks dierent types of paper and then decide which paper is best to use
– consider ‘weatherproong’ the paper (e.g. by laminating it to protect it from rain)
– visit the site and measure the marks I will frame, so that I can create frames with adequate proportions
Links and Further Resources
This pyrography tool is similar to the one I am using
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