Digital Collage with Photoshop

Digital Collage with Photoshop

Digital Collage using Scanned Images, Found Objects and Photoshop

Digital Collage 1

Digital Collage 1 by Rebekah Melville

As part of my Fine Art course, I’ve been doing some experimentation with digital media, including digital collage. I created Digital Collage 1 using 5 photographs that I had recently taken on my Nikon DSLR. I combined them using blending layers and blending masks in Photoshop.

I was really pleased with the colours and textures I was able to achieve using these tools. The photographs I used ranged from long exposure shots of festive lighting to photographs of render from the sides of buildings. Digital collage has been a whole new realm of art for me, but I’ve found it really inspiring and plan on using these techniques again.

If you are interested in learning how to use blending layers and masks in Photoshop, this is a good resource: and you can even download it as a PDF to use when you’re offline.

Digital Collage 2 (Self-Portrait)

Digital Collage 2 (Self-Portrait) by Rebekah Melville

I also subscribe to Photoshop Creative and find that to be a great resource as it has easy to understand tutorials and gives you lots of free resources to experiment with. It’s quite pricey at £6 an issue, but I get around that by subscribing when they have good offers! There is also free information on their website, so check it out if Photoshop is something you’re interested in.

I’ve also been experimenting with combining scanned hand-drawn portraits with digital collage elements, as you can see in Digital Collage 2.

This collage consists of a fineliner self-portrait drawing, which I scanned at high resolution, and scans of found objects from my art studio, such as a button, matchsticks and sweet wrappers. Each of these items are related to me and have some kind of personal history. I really enjoyed the process of combining personal history with a visual representation of my face. I feel it has resulted in a really striking image.

Again, in this collage, I used blending layers and masks in Photoshop to get the effect I wanted. I restricted the colours I used in this piece as I felt the variety of textures had already given the piece a sense of complexity.

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