Refining a style

As you can probably see from my portfolio of images, I like to work in a variety of styles. I know some artists find a style and then work from that point. But I get bored too easily and I like to respond to something in a style that I feel best suits it.

One of my more prominent styles is linear-based pen drawings. I’ve been drawing with pens for a long time. Mainly because I was usually doodling in the margins at school and a pen was what was in my hand! However, as I indulged my (slightly excessive) passion for trying every pen I could find, I found a real love for the fineliner pen. There’s something about its smooth, inky goodness. Whilst no one could accuse me of avoiding colours, I find myself returning to basic black fineliners over and over again.

montage of fineliner drawings

Montage of fineliner drawings by Rebekah Melville

So, over the past few weeks I decided to embrace this, rather than feel I should be doing something more than just drawing with my favourite black fineliner. This has led me to really explore my style, from my looser cross-hatching to my more controlled linear work. This exploration has resulted in a number of new artworks, about which I’m feeling really excited.

To the left, you can see some examples of this style. I have also created a number of self-portraits, trees and several portraits in this style. These will be available to view in my portfolio shortly.


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